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Best Cat Litter: Why I’m Leaving Pine Litter Behind

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Does “Pine Litter” sound like the name of some small, mountain town? I think so, and we’ll go with that imagery.

Life in Pine Litter was kind, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. We used a natural product to cover bad smells, and could buy 40 lbs of the generic Petco stuff for $14.

Not even that crazy bargain could keep the passion burning on this end. Why?

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3 Super Simple and Inexpensive Cat Toys

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Cat Jumping After Toy

Like children, cats often delight in the most simplistic, unexpected objects.

Henry, my orange fella, finds any yarn, boxes, or even walls absolutely fascinating. Fancy, super expensive cat toys?

…Not so much.

I’ve learned a few essentials to the cat entertainment circuit, and below are the 3 things I always have around.

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As a proud cat mama of the orange fella above, I’m happy to share my experiences and insights into the many cat foods out there on the market. It can be hard to make a decision when you’re standing in the aisle. Do you go for the great price? What about the shiniest packaging (there’s one out there that shimmers)? Are the expensive ones really better than the cheaper ones? Does your cat need grains?

The questions go on and on to the point where you start to feel embarrassed for how much time and effort you’re putting into something as simple as cat food!

Add a pushy salesperson and you’ll go red in the face, grab the nearest bag, and dart out of the store. Maybe you’ve tried to do some research online, but felt bogged down by all of the great reviews tempered by terrible, awful stories. If you want to find the best foods for the best values, you’re finally here.

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Not sure if you want to read everything about cat food? I understand. Bookmark this page for reference later!

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