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Meet Billy!

cat adoption

After losing Henry, I knew I wanted another cat. My first instinct was to adopt one right away, which ended up with me crying over a little orange kitten in the humane society. I knew it was not time to adopt. I needed to grieve, and a new kitten would not make things better.

Time passed and eventually, I knew I was ready for another cat. I was nervous and wondered if I would be able to take care of another pet. But, I started scrolling through those humane society cat photos and fell in love with a quiet and shy black cat named Rocco. Continue reading

Why You Need to Find a Local Pet Store ASAP

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Free Pet Food Samples

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Back when I first started this site, I did one really smart thing. I went to a local pet store. This wasn’t a chain, a corporation, or a franchise, but one small, local, independently owned pet store.

I’d just adopted Henry, and I had no idea what to do. It was hard enough to decide what to feed myself – let alone this furry ball of hunger. Do I choose grain-free? Holistic? Organic? Raw?

Do I feed wet food, make my own mix, or is that cheap stuff on the grocery store shelf okay?

Ugggh. You know the feeling. Buying (and wasting money on) cat food your cat may or may not like is not a fun task.

Think about it – the only way you’ll really know if it’s a good fit for you and your cat is by trying it out. That’s why I advocate buying sample cat food online before delving into a larger package.

But here’s something even better…

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Gators and Gatos: How Gator Wrestling Taught Me the Best Cat Travel Tip Ever

Cat Travel Tips

Let’s face it – the prospect of traveling with a cat is not exactly a fun one. From the yowling to scratching and occasional peeing, even the most even-keeled cats can have a freak out.

Add in a scaredy cat like Henry-etta, and you’re lucky to make it to your destination alive – let alone sane.

As a lifelong wanderer (aka military brat), I move a lot. I travel even more. In the past 2.5 years since I adopted Henry and he relented because I have catnip and food, we’ve driven across the country 4 times.

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Healthy Henry Review: Pet Naturals Calming Treats for Cats

Calm a Scared Cat

Henry, the cute guy above, is a nervous boy. I’m sad to admit that fact, but he really, really is.

New chair? Freak out. Road trip? Freak out. Vet clinic? Mega freak.

Eventually, he comes around, but it is such a help to have something I know with total confidence that can soothe his sorrowful spirits.

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