As a proud cat mama of the orange fella above, I’m happy to share my experiences and insights into the many cat foods and products on the market.

It’s crazy hard to make a decision just standing in the aisle. How do you pick?

Do you…

Go for the great price?

The shiniest packaging (there’s one out there that shimmers)?

The most expensive?

The cheapest?

Then all of a sudden, does your cat need grains?

“Must crash the beauty shot.”

What about the rest of the stuff – the litter, the toys, the health products, the weird costumes?

The questions go on and on to the point where you start to feel embarrassed by how much time and effort you’re putting into something as simple as cat food! How do you just pick one?

Add a pushy salesperson and you’ll go red in the face, grab the nearest bag, and dart out of the store. Maybe you’ve tried to do some research online, but then felt bogged down by all the horrifying stories amid fabulous reviews.

There has to be an easier way.

Well, I do everything I can to inform you before you buy. I want you to know your options, the pros and cons, and the best place to buy (usually Amazon, by the way).

How do I do this? By spending a ridiculous amount of time researching every detail of these products I can imagine, and then some.

The perks? Henry is healthier and happier, I feel less stressed about feeding him some sub-par crud, and my wallet feels better, too.

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Rachael Cleveland
“I own this human.” – Henry

Who’s the Human?

The weirdo behind this fun site is Rachael, a graduate student who lives across the water from Seattle with a “fluffy” cat named Billy. The half-mustachioed dude is a 2 year old tuxedo, who is scared by EVERYTHING, except eschewing all societal constraints regarding public butt exposure.

In my house, I call that “playing the leg fiddle.”

Get it?


That’s the kind of people we are.


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