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Meet Billy!

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After losing Henry, I knew I wanted another cat. My first instinct was to adopt one right away, which ended up with me crying over a little orange kitten in the humane society. I knew it was not time to adopt. I needed to grieve, and a new kitten would not make things better.

Time passed and eventually, I knew I was ready for another cat. I was nervous and wondered if I would be able to take care of another pet. But, I started scrolling through those humane society cat photos and fell in love with a quiet and shy black cat named Rocco.

We went to the humane society again right after Christmas in search for this sweet little cat. When we got there, we looked at all the cats and sought out a special connection. The very first cat I noticed looked like an enormous tuxedo cat pacing from cell to cell. He had this energy and size that drew me in. We kept looking, found a few cats we wanted to meet (including Rocco), and worked with a volunteer to meet these new adoption

We started with the one I saw right away. The tuxedo was named Brooksie and as soon as we got a good look at him, I was in love. He had half a moustache, which was just silly enough to excite me. We were drawn in by his personality, too. He actually was not that big, but had a presence that made him seem much more lively than the other cats. The sign said he was about 2 years old and a street cat, which is why he had one docked ear. As soon as we opened the door, it was clear he was a lover. He curled up into our arms, licked our palms, and rubbed his face against our hands. He was so affectionate and lively; I immediately felt a connection.

The other cat, Rocco, was so sweet but he also had a cold at that time and had no interest in meeting anyone that day. Our decision was easy to make, so we filled out the paperwork and brought home Brooksie.

cat adoption

We needed to change the name right away. As a farmers market manager and farm helper, I had all kinds of heirloom plant names swirling around my mind. One of my favorites is Hillbilly Potato Leaf, an heirloom tomato variety. I thought it was a perfect (and yes, ridiculous name), so officially, he is Hillbilly Potato Leaf (“Hillwilliam” when he is bad). We call him Billy for short, and he’s a sweet cat who loves to curl up under the blankets for long naps, likes to sit near us all the time, and who lives for staring out the windows.

He’s a great addition to this family, and I’m happy to say we’re learning a lot! We’ll be updating more about our new food and litter choices to share our decisions with you and your litter, too.

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