Nature's Recipe Grain Free Cat Food Review

Kitty Kibble: Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Review

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Recently, I went cat food hunting for fat butt Henry. I’m at a low-income point in my life, so I visited my local Grocery Outlet to see their wares.

I feared I’d have to leave with some measly Cat Chow or something, but I then noticed a golden little bag sticking out next to some canned Friskies.

The packaging said grain-free, 2 pounds, and only $1.99.

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Cat Food Review

Naturally, I thought I was having a hallucination right there in the store. You’d think that my hallucinations would be more exciting, though. Seriously, cat food delirium? She must be broke!

Anyway, I inspected the ingredients, did a quick Google check for the going price on this stuff, and tucked two bags away into my basket.

For $1 per pound, I snagged a rather decent grain-free cat food.


Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food – Salmon & Potato Recipe

As all outlet stores tend to do, they only had this one flavor. No bother! We’re good with that.

And the ingredients really are rather good. Salmon is the very first – not salmon meal or fish meal (that’s #6), but actual salmon. It’s followed up by chicken meal, turkey meal, potatoes, and peas. For a first 5 ingredients, that’s pretty darn good.

No by-products, some whole meat, real veggies: that’s really is not that bad compared to other cat foods on the market.

Plus, you’re getting the benefit of whole grains on a 40% protein diet.

But does Henry like it?

Yes! Granted, Henry’s not a fussy eater unless you give him anything but the cheapest chunked can food. That’s his only specific. He loves his dry food, and has been devouring this stuff with gusto.

I’ve seen no real changes in him, except he seems to poo less and he actually seems a little more laid back.

The Reviews

I’m a big believer in the power of online reviews. You really get a great cross-section of consumer thought and experience before putting your dollar to work.

Although Nature’s Recipe doesn’t really have many reviews on Amazon for their cat food (nor is it sold directly from Amazon), Petco shoppers have great things to say regarding almost every Nature’s Recipe product out there (dog, cat, wet, dry, etc.).

Those 5 paw ratings are pretty great, especially for the price.


The Price

Of course, this bag of food does not sell most places for $1.99. In fact, I’m about to put on real pants to go buy more bags before I lose my chance to stock up on a food Henry likes for such a great price.

Out in the regular world, the price is pretty…average for grain-free foods.

  • 2 lbs = $9.99 (or $5/lb)
  • 5 lbs = $18.99 ($3.80/lb)

(Prices from Petco)

Not great. I personally try to keep my per pound cost between $2-3 when I can afford it. I’ve been researching many more brands and know it’s possible to get a lot of good options for about that much. The larger package is a better deal, but it’s still not that great considering that you can get Nature’s Balance for less.

Still, this is a great grain-free option I’m happy to feed Henry for as long as I can (well, until the $2 bags run out). It’s such a find!


Are you going grain-free? Which foods are you feeding your cat? Tell me below!

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