Best Cat Litter: Why I’m Leaving Pine Litter Behind

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Update: I no longer feel this way! I'm adamant about using non-clay based litters, and am cycling through a variety of them, like this one. For now, consider ökocat wood litter in the big cardboard boxes...

Does “Pine Litter” sound like the name of some small, mountain town? I think so, and we’ll go with that imagery.

Life in Pine Litter was kind, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. We used a natural product to cover bad smells, and could buy 40 lbs of the generic Petco stuff for $14.

Not even that crazy bargain could keep the passion burning on this end. Why?

Pine Litter had a smell to it. Sure, the pine covered the smell better than, say, those terrible compressed paper litters, but it didn’t really take care of what I needed.

Pine Cat Litter Review

Henry’s a stinky boy. His poops are gross. I hate that he likes pooping in the morning while I brush my teeth, and that’s the worst cat mama bonding time he could have come up with.

The litter disintegrates when wet, so the smell isn’t too bad with urine. It takes much longer to absorb the moisture in his…excrement, however, which results in a gross bathroom all the time. Plus, the hard pellets are a nightmare to step on with bare feet in the morning. Plus, I don’t have the special sifting litter box and I don’t want one.

Note: I haven’t ever tried the clumping pine litter as my two cat-owning friends indicated vociferously that it was not as good as the pellets. What do you think?

After 2.5 years of life with this furry orange boy, I’ve put up with a lot of gross smells. As much as I dislike the thought of chemical-covered clay-based litters and potentially stinkier natural ones, it’s time to experiment.

It just has to happen.

I can’t do the stench. It wafts. It’s too much.

So, I’ll be trying litters of all varieties, and reporting back on all of the important matters.

First up: Tidy Cats with Glade Tough Odor Solutions

Preliminary results: MINIMAL STANK.

This is just one selection though, and I’d prefer to try some more environmentally friendly ones, too.

This means I need YOUR help! What litter do you use? Do you like it? Why or why not? Which litters are you curious about? Tell me below!

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2 thoughts on “Best Cat Litter: Why I’m Leaving Pine Litter Behind”

  1. I have been there and back. Types of litter used: pine, corn, wheat. Flushable, not flushable. Clumping, non-clumping.

    I have three cats, 2 who weigh in at over 17 pounds and NO!, they are not fat! They are brother and sister and according to the vet just two really large cats. The other is a dainty 12 pound Russian blue mix.

    I tried everything. I really did want to be PC when it came to my litter uses. The cat, however, were not as conscientious. One of them ate the corn and wheat litters. Total freak out where the clumping varieties were concerned. Thank heaven there were no problems.
    The pine? they refused to use it, at all, ever, under penalty of holding it in for 24 hours. Which they did.

    I am back to Tidy Cats Scoop Multiple Instant Action or 24/7. Yes there is a dust factor, though it is greatly reduced. The only time I have an odor problem is when one of my cats doesn’t cover his/her poop. I’ve had those wake me up in the middle of the night a couple of times, eyes burning and needing a breath of fresh air.

    I’m not sure just what happens in these instances, perhaps the cat is registering a complaint of some sort, Get your lazy bum up and clean this box! Or maybe another cat came in and the cat had to leave the box before finishing the ritual covering of the, um, pile.
    Anyway. Throw some litter over the fresh, er, stuff and no more odor.

    I guess my cats don’t leave really stinky piles in the cat pan and for that I am extremely grateful. But they definitely prefer the Tidy Cats over everything else I have tried. And yes, I also tried other well known clumping brands.

    So it’s Tidy Cats Multiple for us.

    1. I LOVED this thorough response! Thank you so much for sharing your cat litter experiences. Seriously, I used my smartphone to research cat litter reviews before buying anything last time and would have gone for Tidy Cats had I not seen slightly better overall reviews for…whichever other one I’ve got right now (I can never remember the names!). A lot of people swear by it, we’ve used it in the past, and it does seem to work. The one with Glade REALLY knocked out the stink, so we really liked that one.

      Again, thanks for sharing, Miriam! You definitely gave me something to think about. 🙂

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