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3 Super Simple and Inexpensive Cat Toys

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Like children, cats often delight in the most simplistic, unexpected objects.

Henry, my orange fella, finds any yarn, boxes, or even walls absolutely fascinating. Fancy, super expensive cat toys?

…Not so much.

I’ve learned a few essentials to the cat entertainment circuit, and below are the 3 things I always have around.

Simple and Inexpensive Cat Toys

1. Organic Catnip

Although not all cats have the catnip receptor in their brain, those who do find it either stimulating or soothing. Sometimes, Henry freaks out when I give him catnip. Normally, he starts purring really heavily and rubbing his face on the catnip pile.

Really though, it’s essential because it is like a CAT MAGNET. Put catnip anywhere, and the cat will come around (if they have the receptors, of course). Perhaps you want to switch them over to a new scratch board. Shake a little ‘nip. Maybe you want to get him up to the windowsill. You know the drill.

Add it to new toys, and they’ll be hooked immediately!

Best Cat Toys

2. Cat Dancer Cat Toy

Bear with me for a moment while I explain how this simple piece of metal and cardboard is an insanity-inducing plaything.

The metal is bent in a way that creates an extremely life-like, prey-style action, and the cardboard pieces flit around in an enticing way. Or so Henry says…

The second I opened this toy, Henry was hooked. It’s a great way to get your cat’s activity level up for an extremely low price! Plus with 563 other 4+ star reviews on Amazon, others attest to the same.

Cat Scratchboard

3. Cardboard Scratch Board

Henry’s scratch board is one of his favorite places in the entire house. It smells like catnip, works out his stress, and flexes his cute little cat muscles. This really allows him to play alone whenever he wants to, which I love.

It also helps keep the furniture intact, and when tilted vertically, it stretches key arm and shoulder muscles.

Cat Jumping After Toy

I recommend finding a scratch board that can be stood up against the wall, like the one linked above. Shake a little catnip, and watch your cat get all kinds of good stretching!

Tip: I bought my plain scratch boards for about $4 at Big Lots, but splurged on a hard plastic case as Henry gnaws through the original box in about 2 hours. Then, he shreds the cardboard EVERYWHERE. Preserve the board and save a mess: get a scratch board case!

What’s your cat’s favorite play thing (besides the dog)? Tell me below!

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6 thoughts on “3 Super Simple and Inexpensive Cat Toys”

    1. Absolutely! I forgot about laser pointers somehow. Want to see a cat go NUTS? Shine that little red light! Ha! Thanks for your feedback, Sandra!

  1. I agree with all three reccomendations! Strangely enough my new kittens seem to find a crumpled up ball of paper better than any store-bought toy.

    1. Absolutely! With cats, I know not to waste my money. Tie together old shoestrings and thick ribbons (just remember to toss them or trim when they fray) and wiggle them around. I attach those to a long bamboo pole and go “cat fishing.” 😉 Thanks for reading and writing. Congrats on the little ones! 🙂

  2. Thumbs up to all three of your cat toy selections. The Cat Dancer is one of our favorite toys…talk about a bang for your buck! Love cardboard incline scratchers, and we like to keep dried catnip in plastic jars where we then store small feather and plush toys. Our latest fav is the Bouncy Mouse interactive cat toy…oh….but our absolute “must have” is the Turbo Scratcher by Bergan.

    As you can tell, we luv cat toys too!

    1. Absolutely! I checked out your website, and loved your thorough reviews! I’ll have to check out that Turbo Scratcher. Thanks for visiting. Always glad to meet more cat people! 🙂

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